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Christopher Ude

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C-UD.pngChris is a director of Qtech International  responsible for the south-pacific region. Chris emcompasses of 17 years experience in the development of online solutions for manufacturing in 20 countries having implemented high-end quality information systems for the likes of Agio Cigars, Coca-Cola Amatil, BAT, Godfreyhirst Carpets, Marley, Sicpa, South Pacific Breweries, and more. Chris's responsibilities have included software/web/ecommerce development, onsite implementations, operator/senior management training, documentation writing, marketing, seminar participation, project management, consulting, and alliance building. Chris has also  been involved with government based projects which has included independently lobbying the local Federal MP to represent Qtech International’s online health service to the Health Minister of Australia.  With an early background in retail and expertise in ecommerce Chris is currently heading the launch of the Lazee Shopper App in Australia.

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